This page will give you an idea of what I intend doing with my time and where my efforts will be principally directed. Broadly speaking I'm interested in the following topics:

Reconfigurable and Adaptive Computing

Hardware and Embedded Systems Security

My current work specifically focusses on reconfigurable computing and embedded systems security.  Current trends indicate that embedded systems and such other high performance systems will in the near future, be built on fabrics which are "defective" and unreliable. The design methodology will involve building "in situ" and run time reconfigurable circuits. I feel that the evolution and successful implementation of this concept will help in effectively using the new and esoteric computing paradigms (nano/molecular/dna etc). The development of fast synthesis tools to take algorithms down to (effective) implementation in these fabrics is the specific research problem that is of immense interest to me. This is particularly true with newer devices like SpinTronics and Memristors moving out of research labs. With sensors becoming very small and inexpensive, it makes commercial sense to pack as many of them in our hand held devices. They interact with the ambient surroundings picking up a myriad of signals. This huge amount of data needs to be collated, discriminated and "fused" to provide meaningful and significant information.  This has led to the era of IoT. Given the proliferation of such small devices, we are interested in the security of such large scale deployments. We believe that hardware security is something very interesting and could provide inexpensive yet powerful solution for this space.