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Dr. (Mrs.) Saroj Kaushik (Retd.)
Dept of Computer Science and engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
New Delhi - 110016, India

Office: +91 11 26591292 (off)

Sponsored/Consultancy projects

1. Sponsored by The Centre for Internet and Society,
Title: Open Source Screen Reading Software NVDA and Enhancement with Indian Languages
Co-investigator, Duration - (Feb/2013 to Jan/2015);
Chief investigator - Prof M Balakrishnan.

2. Sponsored Research Sponsored Research Project from DIT(Department of Information Technology, New Delhi, India )
Title: Design and Development of Malafide Intention based Privacy Violation Detection System
Co Investigator, Duration - (2006 to 2009).
Chief investigator - Prof S K Gupta.

3. Sponsored by Media Lab Asia,
Title: Multilingual Interface to GRAMACHITRA (Open Source GIS)
Chief Investigator, Duration - (1/March/2004 to 31/dec./2005).

4. MHRD Funded Project Under the Scheme of Thrust Areas of Technical Education,
Title: Multimedia Web Based System for Fuzzy Queries to Relational Databases
Chief Investigator, Duration - (April 1991 to Dec. 1994).

5. Sponsored Research (DOE Sponsored Research Project, TDIL Programme)
Title: Computer Assisted Learning-Teaching of Hindi as a Foreign Language : Part-II",
Chief Investigator, Duration - (1/April/91 to 31/dec./1994).

6. Sponsored Research (DOE Sponsored Research Project, TDIL Programme)
Title:NLP Teachers Training Programme for Language Teachers (L01.2)",
Co-investigator, Duration - (April 1991 to Dec. 1994),
Chief investigator - Prof S N Maheshwari.

7. Sponsored Research (DOE Sponsored Research Project, TDIL Programme)
Title:Development of Corpra of Indian Languages,
Co-investigator,Duration - (April 1991 to Dec. 1994);
Chief investigator - Prof SN Maheshwari.

Consultancy of Kamri Computers Pvt Ltd., New Delhi
"Feasibility study of System Design for Disease /Problem Identification & Healing based on Holistic Approach " in June, 2000.