Graduate Admissions

Graduate admissions happen twice a year, with applications due in April for the Fall semester, and in November for the Winter semester. You are encouraged to apply online -- all online applicants are considered in the first round of admissions. Note that GATE scores are required of all applicants to our full-time programme.

To better reflect the importance of graduate programmes in our future plan, we are expanding our programme both in terms of the number of seats and the features/incentives. We offer three types of graduate degrees. It is possible to later switch your programme depending on your performance, aptitude and requirements.

MTech Degree

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers specialisations in six different areas for the MTech degree: Computer Graphics, Vision and Multimedia; Computer Networks and Distributed Systems; Algorithms and Complexity; Formal Methods in Software; Embedded Systems and Architecture; and Software Systems. Alternatively you may choose to obtain a general MTech degree. The choice can be made late into the programme but requires a 2-part MTech project and thesis.

MS (Research) degree

The MS (Research) programme is a special research-oriented Masters programme offered to students who are interested in exploring in-depth research problems in any area of computer science, or are considering a PhD but want to test whether it is suitable for them. The course requirements are lower than in MTech program.

PhD degree

In addition to institute fellowships, a limited number of industrial fellowships and internships are available to our PhD students. Collaborations and exchanges with other international universities are also possible. Admission to the PhD programme will be strictly after a personal interview. Please see faculty profile for active areas of research.

See for details on the PhD program at CSE, IIT Delhi.
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