IIT Delhi, CSE,  M.Tech Shortlisting Criteria, Summer 2022

All interviews are over. We will take approximately a week to process the results (till 20th May).

Excel file containing the date and time of the interview for each candidate (Excel file). Keep your photo id handy for the interview.
Check your audio/video and internet connectivity.

The HoD of the CSE department will address all M.Tech applicants on the 12th of May at 9 AM. MS Teams link
This is for all the candidates (interviewing on both the dates: 12th and 13th May). Attendance is mandatory.

1. The approved shortlisting criteria is posted at this link. Note that the department has the liberty to define shortlisting criteria over and above
     the minimum requirements of the institute. We will thus not entertain any communication in this regard. For regular full time candidates, we need a
     CSE GATE score; we need a Bachelors degree in CSE, EE, or Maths for all candidates.

2. We have put up the list of shortlisted candidates at this link.

3. Interviews will be conducted for all the shortlisted candidates. Please fill up this Google form before 9:30 AM, Wednesday, May 11th.
Only shortlisted candidates need to fill up the Google form. This is MANDATORY.

4. The interviews are on the 12th and 13th of May. They will be conducted on Microsoft Teams

5. If you feel that you should have been shortlisted but your name does not appear, then do the following. Double check the list of application ids
and the shortlisting criteria. If you still feel that you should have been shortlisted, then email Prof. S. R. Sarangi (M.Tech coordinator) at
srsarangi@cse.iitd.ac.in. No phone calls please.

6. If anybody has been shortlisted in error, then their application process will be terminated as and when this is discovered.