Staff @ CSE
Name and Office Contact

S. S. Negi

Room No. 406, E & R Network Lab.

Ph.: 6009

E-mail: a26095 AT

Anil Sharma

Room No. 506 and 507, Bharti Building

Virtual Reality Lab and General Computing Lab

Ph.: 6048

E-mail: a26035 AT

Rajendra Singh

Room No-401, Bharti Building, CSE Department office

Ph.: 6017

E-mail: a50607 AT

Sandeep Sharma

Ph.: 6728

E-mail: a27007 AT

Som Dutt Sharma

Ph.: 6037

E-mail: a26502 AT

Subhash Chand

Room No- 437, Bharti Building, CSE Stores

Ph.: 6008

E-mail: a26350 AT

Vandana Ahluwalia

Room No- 307 , SIT Building, VLSI Design and Tools lab

Ph.: 6049

E-mail: a26111 AT

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